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Newest Group Discussions


102 Views  ·  5 Questions  ·  8 Answers

We love to think about what ifs that get across the boundaries of reality. Ask what are the possibilities of your ideas and help dreams to come true.

Music Lovers

2601 Views  ·  14 Questions  ·  19 Answers

Let's discuss about your favorite songs and genres

World Wide Web

1589 Views  ·  28 Questions  ·  14 Answers

Let's talk about all the activities, tricks and how to be safe in the world wide web.


271 Views  ·  12 Questions  ·  12 Answers

Are you a coder, developer, computer programmer or you just love making software? You can ask questions here and share us your knowledge about software engineering


1827 Views  ·  40 Questions  ·  38 Answers

Ang bayan ng nagkakaisang Pilipino, halina't pag usapan ang bawat bagay ukol sa ating bansa.

Health and Fitness

4493 Views  ·  54 Questions  ·  44 Answers

Pangalagaan natin ang ating kalusugan

Mobile Gaming

915 Views  ·  17 Questions  ·  14 Answers

Ask anything cheat, hacks and walkthroughs about your favorite mobile games

Hoax Watch

246 Views  ·  8 Questions  ·  9 Answers

Hindi ka ba sigurado sa nabasa mo? Itanong mo samin dito.

Movie Reviews

2138 Views  ·  18 Questions  ·  17 Answers

Worth it ba panuorin ang movie na gusto mo? Ask us here. :)

Foodies Unite!

1317 Views  ·  27 Questions  ·  29 Answers

Gutom ka ba parate? Because food is life, food is love. Ask anything about food, pastry, cooking and any location and restaurant to fill your tummy